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The women's basketball team scrimmaged Kean College over the weekend. It was a closed scrimmage and no spectators were allowed. I know one of the referees and was able to speak with him early this morning. According to him, they played a regulation game and Lafayette won by 5 or 6 points (he thought it was 63-58 but not sure). He said the PG, #5, who would be the freshman Brya Freeland, was very good, quick and a good handle. He was also impressed with #15's inside game and thought she may have been the top scorer (that would be the freshman Emily Homan). He also remembered that #23 (Jr Alicia Manning) hit a few 3s.

I didn't know much about Kean but he said they were very athletic and very quick. After looking at their website, I see they have been to the D3 sweet 16 in four of the past five years. Season starts for real at Rider on Friday.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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