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St Frankie

That was a little disappointing. We made 6 less 3's and missed 4 FT (2 front end of 1 - 1) down the stretch. That was pretty much the ball game. The Terriers were hell bent on keeping us from shooting 3's and were very successful. They also shot a lot better than they did against UH on Sunday.
As I anticipated, it is going to be an up and down ride with this group.

Just 1 point in the last 5 minutes. Missed two front ends of 1 & 1s in the closing minutes. Wished the team spent more time shooting foul shots than dunking during the warm ups. Nick dribble himself into a couple of bad spots where he got doubled. We got beat on a length of the court inbound play.

Apparently Sam Dunkum is having knee surgery this week, according to the school of knowledge that sits behind the bench.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Basketball
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