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St. Joe's

The game will be on AM 610 at 7 p.m. for those anywhere near Philadelphia. I miss our old AM outlet but I used to wonder, how many people were listening.
Maybe this is the night all the shots fall and Lafayette steals a win. If not, maybe a 76-54 loss. St. Joe's has a 5-5 record and has played some tough teams. The DB_OEM_ID=31200&ATCLID=211371397

Win one for John Garrett. Or Frank Tavani.

SJU 15-2 after five minutes.

SJU 28-12 with 7:29 left. Got'em right where we want'em.

Halftime: SJU 45-29.
That's with seven Lafayette threes. Still in it by our standards.

Slow start and St J maintaining the lead. We just lack consistent scorers.

The only drama left: Will the Hawks go for 100?

"Coach, can we play those Monrovians again?"
LC Fan

Inability to defend translates into no points in transition and a stagnant offense.

SJU 92 - Lafayette 63

Lafayette made 13 threes and still lost by 29.
SJU led in rebounds 44 to 28, typical.
Lafayette committed 20 turnovers to 12 by the Hawks.
Nothing special here, just routine ineptitude.

St. Joe's guard Shavar Newkirk is done for the season after an ACL tear against GW.
He intends to play next year. He had 24 points versus Lafayette.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Basketball
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