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Susquehanna - just don't get hurt

Don't need a repeat of last year's D-III fiasco

Looks like it will be a high scoring game, Susquehanna averaging 80 ppg.

If SussyQ puts 80 on us, I'm fearful of what Kansas will do.

Mission accomplished. Lots of PT for the bench.

Question - who are our non scholarship players?
Murphy, Newman, & Stafford?

I think Murphy and Newman are correct.  I am pretty certain Stafford is a scholarship player as he could attend Lafayette for free as his package at the Ivy League schools he was considering were much less because his parents made too much money.


I would have loved to have had an Ivy League education, said Stafford. It was doable with financial aid, but it would have put a burden on my parents afterward and me. I didnt want to put my parents through that. They saved money for my education, but I had this opportunity. Im glad I did this, Im going to school for free.

Yes, Stafford is scholarship.   Newman and Murphy are not.

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