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The basketball tradition is a myth

This year could turn out well, but it's time to face reality.
First, of course, we about 50 games under .500 in the 21st century, without a postseason appearance or 20-win season. Nothing new there.
Let's check match-ups against Lehigh:
2014-15      0-1
2013-14      1-1
2012-13      3-0
2011-12      0-2
2010-11      0-2
2009-10      1-2
2008-09      1-1
2007-08      1-1
2006-07      1-1
2005-06      0-2
2004-05      2-0
2003-04      1-1 (a big OT win for us)
2002-03      1-1
2001-02      2-0
2000-01      0-3   for a total 14-18

With scholarships, without scholarships, it's the same story. At home, away, it's the same story. Close at the end, it's the same story.

I'm just a fan. I don't have any answers, but the questions are out there. What is going on with this program?

We are 5-3 at home this year (excluding the D3 game) which is something. In the previous 41 seasons at Kirby, we've had just eight losing years in the fieldhouse, four of them since the start of 2006-07.

As always... Go Pards!

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Basketball
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