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The Forty-One Fields of Study at Lafayette

While perusing the slick new Lafayette College web page redesign, I thought it might be helpful to list here (for comment and discussion) the forty-one undergraduate majors now offered by our alma mater.  Several of them might be unfamiliar to traditionalists (of which I am one).

Lafayette continues to bestow the traditional Artium Baccalaureus (A.B.) for completion of its liberal arts curricula rather than the mundane (and more popular) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (a distinction that used to mean something in my day but perhaps not so much any longer).  

A Lafayette B.S. engineering degree, as always, provides accreditation and membership in the common engineering societies without the need of an advanced graduate degree.


Africana Studies (A.B.)
American Studies (A.B.)
Anthropology and Sociology (A.B.)
Art (A.B.)
Asian Studies (A.B.)
Biochemistry (A.B. and B.S.)
Biology (A.B. and B.S.)
Chemical Engineering (B.S.)
Chemistry (A.B. and B.S.)
Civil Engineering (B.S.)
Computer Science (A.B. and B.S.)
Economics (A.B.)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.S.)
Engineering (B.S.) & International Studies (A.B.)
Engineering Studies (A.B.)
English (A.B.)
Environmental Studies (A.B.)
Environmental Science (B.S.)
Film and Media Studies (A.B.)
French (A.B.)
Geology (A.B. and B.S.)
German (A.B.)
Government and Law (A.B.)
Government and Law & Foreign Language (A.B.)
History (A.B.)
International Affairs (A.B.)
Mathematics (A.B. and B.S.)
Mathematics-Economics (A.B.)
Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
Music (A.B.)
Neuroscience (B.S.)
Philosophy (A.B.)
Physics (A.B. and B.S.)
Policy Studies (A.B.)
Psychology (A.B. and B.S.)
Religion and Politics (A.B.)
Religious Studies (A.B.)
Russian and East European Studies (A.B.)
Spanish (A.B.)
Theater (A.B.)
Women's and Gender Studies (A.B.)

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