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Bogus Megapardus

The MAAC Games

Saturday at 1:00 PM the back-to-earth crossers host Mount St. Mary's, followed by a road trip to Marist Tuesday evening.  These are arguably the two strongest teams in the MAAC lacrosse conference.  The Mount (4-2) is on a four game winning streak and comes in with a lot of confidence.  Their losses are to #1 Virginia and (inexplicably) to a start-up Jacksonville U. team.  Marist (5-2) has a close loss to Rutgers and a win over Holy Cross.

What's important is that these are two teams with winning records that are vying for a playoff spot and will be dangerous.  The Leopards "on paper" are a much stronger team than either, but you know what they say about those paper playing surfaces . . . .

This time of year injuries begin to mount.  I have no idea what kind of shape our guys are in injury-wise, but I've seen a bunch of "out for the season" reports from other teams the last few days.

Just finished watching the nationally-televised Georgetown/Navy game on CBS College Sports (6,500 great fans).  Hoyas won 13-12 in OT.  Several Lafayette mentions by the broadcast team.  They're really learning how to televise the game well.
Bogus Megapardus

It would appear from that the Pards lost to Mount St. Mary's at Rappolt, 14-12.  I was not there and there was no stream for the game.  I really hope we can find out what happened in this game.  This is a team we beat last season.

tough but bad loss
Bogus Megapardus

13-7 win over Marist, but that's not enough.  This team should have completely dominated with the talent they have.

There are four PL games left.  I am now legitimately worried about three of them.  I am not ready to panic, but a win over Army (after HC on Saturday) is essential.

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