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This season is over

Clearly the women cannot get over the loss of Fiacco.  They were embarrassed by LU yesterday and on Senior Day, no less.

Two games to go: at Army and at American: hopefully they can steal a win at Army.  Forget about AU.

Two league wins with Fiacco. Two league wins without Fiacco, both against teams that we lost to with Fiacco earlier in the season. She's a big piece of the puzzle, but the weight of the world isn't on her shoulders (or elbows?).

All due respect to a great group of seniors, but since day one, this season has been about NEXT season. Looking forward to being the "low seed nobody wants to play" in the Patriot League Tournament this season and then making some noise in the league next year. I don't know about any recruiting classes other than ours, but I doubt that Navy, Lehigh, American or Army will be any better next season than they are this year... maybe worse in a few cases.

It is not automatic that we will be on an upward trend next year.  We will know EARLY in the season if we are turning the corner.  Personally, I will be looking for two things:

1.  Are the freshmen getting serious playing time?  Obviously, we are not moving forward with the current cast.  If the freshmen can't move the upperclassmen aside, then we haven't really improved.

2.  Can the freshmen shoot?  The upperclassmen can't.

That game was an embarrassment, no question.

Tammy left this team without a steady, dependable point guard.  Hopefully Freeland will be that for us.

Keisha was very unselfish in trying to fill the role when called upon; she's lots of things on the court, but not a point.  I'd like to see a smile on her face at the end of a game at least one more time.

You're right Andy, PG has been a problem all season. I'm confident that that will be corrected next season with the two PG recruits. Moving Wright to PG has solved one problem but created another. She's done a terrific job there but would much more effective at the 3.

We miss Fiacco because she forced other teams to use a different strategy. Virgin and McGorry have really stepped up their games but at 6'1" they are more 4s than 5s. We need more height and with the 6'3" addition next year we will have more height and depth.

But even with the strong recruiting class, there is a big jump from high school to college and there needs to be adjustment to faster play, stronger players and more complex systems.
The Maroon

Tammy largely neglected the PG in recruiting which is reason number 9,535 she's no longer the coach. It's not quite as bad as neglecting to make sure you have a QB for a football team but it's up there.  A couple of years ago we had to keep Spicer on the floor 99% of the game because nobody could get the ball up the court but her...Instead of bringing in a PG to at least spell Downey she let it go.

While it's tempting to close the book on the season - I don't know if I would want to play us. We seem ridiculously resilient.

To say just the opposite, Tammy was thrilled with her point guard recruiting.  She placed an emphasis on it and spoke very very highly of her incoming point guards.  She thought each girl would be a solid starter for four straight years.  You can make your own conclusion.

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