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Trevor Houck baseball pitcher

There is a nice article in a North Carolina paper about a Lafayette baseball pitcher named Trevor Houck . It details how he was working on his craft in a low minor league after a disappointing season in Easton.The newspaper is the Carroll County Times for anyone interested and with better computer skills than mine who may want to post it in the forum.
LC Local Fan

This league and another 10 or so are high-level leagues for college players. I had a family member in one and the competition is excellent.
The big thing is most or all use wooden bats and the majors in turn provide some financial support though the players retain their amateur status. The leagues are approved by the NCAA.
Locally we have the ACBL with teams in Pennsylvania, NJ and NY (Staten Island and Long Island).
We also have the Blue Mountain League, for older high school kids, college players and older including some former pros. Some teams are very good. Also a wooden-bat league.

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