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TSN Rates the FCS Conferences

The Sports Network rates the Patriot League number 9 of the 13 FCS conferences, but one ahead of the Ivy League:

Their write-up on the Patsies:

9. Patriot League (seven teams) - Graduation day will take a toll on Fordham after its big two-year run, so the Patriot League won't have a Top 10-15 staple this season. But everybody outside Georgetown, the only program not to offer scholarships, factors into the title picture, so there is depth in the race. Bucknell will likely have the favorite's role, but this is a league that will test itself out of conference, and the likes of Fordham, Colgate and Lafayette hope it pays off.

Nice find Carney.

Not surprised where we fall out in FCS. It seems about right. In my opinion we are above the Ivy League just because of our depth. And I think it is going to be very difficult for the PL to climb that ladder.

The reason I feel this way is academics. The academics at LC are no joke (I am assuming the rest of the PL is that way. I know all the schools except Fordham).  There are a lot of kids in the CAA and  SOCON that can't get admitted to the PL schools. And a lot more in the MEAC. We simply can't get those athletes admitted, and I don't think it's fits our athletic business model to do this. I know all you guys and gals know this but the academics at LC are tough, other than your Geology and a couple of other majors. But LC still doesn't offer "Rocks for Jocks" like some schools.

One thing that does relieve some of the academic load at LC is you only have 32 courses, or 4/semester to earn a degree. Engineering requires 36 classes or 4.5 classes/semester, plus labs, so about 5 classes/semester. At most larger state universities they require 120-124 hours for all degrees or about 5 classes/semester. A little more for engineering and other technology or STEM degrees, (science, technology, engineering, math). Some classes give one hour credit, some maths are 4 hours credit. So the amount of classes required at LC is not as great as some of the large state universities. I am looking at most ACC and SEC schools. The privates like Duke, Vandy, and Wake only require around 112 hours or about 36-38 classes. STEM degrees at larger universities als usually take 5 years now. Even accounting is becoming am5 year program at bigger universities.

Bottem line, and I have felt this way for a while, the academic requirements of a PL athlete are different from other FCS. Conferences. We simply can't admit some of these athletes that the bigger FCS conferences admit.

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