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Union College Frozen Four Championship

We can all take heart from Union's national collegiate hockey championship in Philadelphia last weekend. They actually won with all need based aid players against BC and Minnesota. We got a taste of Minnesota basketball this past season. Both BC and Minnesota were laden with NHL draft picks and Union had only one. This was a real miracle on ice. It shows what can be done with a sport if the school commits and hires a fantastic coach to carry on a commitment to a program. The hockey team was DIII until 1991 and was in the final four 2 years ago when most of the current players were underclassmen. As of the last college book I have 62% of enrollees were in the top 10%. The student body is 2100.The school is about number 40 on the US News and World report rankings. Extremely comparable to the dear old college on the hill. I wish I could have attended their BOT meetings regarding athletics when they decided to upgrade hockey to join the ECAC and actually compete rather than just subsist.

Union is a very good school.  Several of my outstanding high school class-mates went there.  If I recall, Union was a serious candidate to move up to the PL a few years ago but they decided the cost of upgrading their athletic facilities was too high.  A friend of mine's daughter selected Union and was a highly rated volleyball player from Long Inland.  She has done very well at Union and her Dad thinks her team could beat a lot of D-1 Schools (I could not argue with about about LC's weak volleyball program).

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