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United States Naval Academy

Both teams shooting really well. Pards up 40-37 at half

It is a pace of game that we like. A W here would be sweet. It seems we are on the back of Trist. Let's see how far he carries us.

Good win, four in double figures. Musters a DNP. At least one game at home in áthe tournament would be nice.
The league has has never been so unpredictable and even.
An edge in rebounding and the difference was at the FT line. 10 for 10.

Good away win, guys. Buffaloes Weds. Let's keep it up!

Trist is the manů.he is having a great season!!

Lafalum wrote:
Trist is the manů.he is having a great season!!

No question.  The Navy announcers remarked on his "hitting the weight room."  Saw him a couple of months before the season started. (He was eating with a fellow player at a nearby table.)  I had no idea he was THAT big.  I'm sure he gets a lot of those points because nobody in the League wants to mess with him under the basket.

a really solid win down at Navy where LC rarely plays well.  Crowd of 2,800 with some Leopard fans helped.  Big game for Dan Trist: well done.  Out-rebounded Mid by 10.

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