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University of Chicago football

Good article from a few weeks back regarding football at D-III University of Chicago.  We all know what kind of school Chicago is, but they are interested in having more success on the field, and getting more students to care.  They have a team and they want it to succeed.  What a concept!

"For the last several years, the University of Chicago has been engaged in a stealth campaign. It has blanketed the campus in fliers. It has closed off streets. It has imported agents of change from the East Coast. It has even hired face-painters. Its mission: make students care about the football team.

UChicago, the ivy-laden home of some 5,300 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students, is many things, including an occasionally inconsistent defender of academic freedom, the setting where Harry met Sally, as well as — and I say this as a UChicago alum — the place that weird kid from your high school went to college...........

Still, the University of Chicago is now eyeing a return to gridiron glory, and its directive is threefold. One, as Wilkerson puts it: “The institution does not stand for mediocrity in anything it does.” Two: Well, you might have heard that saying about where fun goes to die. And lastly: Sports happen to be a very good way to engender pride in alumni who’ve gone off into the world and made money. To that end, UChicago is looking to replicate the Ivy League model, in which schools emphasize academic vigor above all else, yet have loyal football fan bases nonetheless."

My son played football at Carnegie-Mellon in Chicago's lead and during his time from 2007-2011 Chicago went from doormat to league power.

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