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Volleyball: a confession.

With all the tumult, it's time to come clean about volleyball.
I don't care. Really does anybody?
I mean, I would prefer they win but I don't care if they lose.
Perhaps the totals should exclude this sport.
Take out volleyball and the ties and we are 11-18 overall. About 38 percent.
Let's party!

I like volleyball as a sport, but I do think it brings down our averages (which don't need any help being brought down) because they play so many games. Of the five fall sports on the "dashboard" above, volleyball accounts for the most games played (by a considerable amount) and has the lowest winning percentages both overall and in the Patriot League.

But as long as volleyball is a sport at Lafayette, it goes into the total, I suppose. I'm still pushing for the few extra percentage points that figuring ties in soccer correctly would give us on the "dashboard".

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