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Bogus Megapardus

vs. Mercer

We're halfway through the season - with precious little to show for it.  This game is scheduled for Friday at 7:30 but I don't know if it will be at Fisher or at Metzgar.

Mercer is a second year program coached by a solid DIII guy, Kyle Hannon, who played at DIII powerhouse Salisbury.  They're 4-3 so far this season with wins over Richmond, VMI and High Point - but those three all are new programs with little depth or experience.  Mercer also has a win over U. Texas but that's a "virtual varsity" club team so it doesn't count and it doesn't say much.

Mercer got slammed in its home opener vs. first year Metropolitan College, 17-6, and at UMBC, 15-6.  Mercer also got handled by Michigan's first year program, 20-7.

We should be 5-6 goals better than Mercer on parchment.  Mercer has only a couple of kids from traditional northeastern lacrosse high schools and all of them are freshmen or sophomores.  By contrast,  Lafayette's roster is packed with kids from the best lax high schools in the country.

There's no reason the Pards should not come away from this one with a victory.  But I'm not holding my breath.

NB:  Our starting FOGO is a transfer from Mercer.

And now people know more about Mercer than Lafayette  Rolling Eyes
Bogus Megapardus

Pretty much the most humiliating defeat of any Lafayette team I've seen in a while.  The program is a disaster and I feel terribly for our players.

Just awful.  

Twisted Evil

You said it, Bogie.


Not much more to say - except the wrong FOGO transferred....and the players and coaches seem lost.   Very sad for these kids.

Watch how the early verbal commitments start to erode and go elsewhere.  Can't say that I blame them.

Unfortunately watched the whole game. I don't know if its the execution or the scheme but our defense let too many open shots. Their winning goal was a heartbreaker.

I must say our offense kept coming back which showed some real focus and skill. Can"t say the same defensively.

This is a setback for the program and  yes winning does matter. This will have its effect in a lot of ways.

How about when the coach called timeout when we scored?

Lehigh beat Holy Cross 20-4 today, on local TV. There may be a few ugly scores ahead.
Bogus Megapardus

Lafalum wrote:
I don't know if its the execution or the scheme but our defense let too many open shots.

We seem to have the talent on offense and especially in goal.  

Poor execution on clears and in transition remains a mystery.  We all know by now that FOGO is just bad; it's a combination of execution, speed, size, instinct and talent. It seems that at every FO we don't win the initial push, or we don't get the GB, or we can't direct the sweep or we foul. It's always something.

At FOGO we need a guy with "twitch" - the term to which Coach Link introduced us in football. Yes, "twitch" is the key and that's what we have to look for next season.

Defense is pretty much the same guys as last year - they're a little better but they still play timid.  They're not fast/strong/confident enough to harass behind the goal and on the perimeter. Just once I'd like to see a long pole take a risk and go after someone to dislodge or shove him out of bounds.

The transition/offense has no such thing as a fast break.  The behind-the-back goal (I can't remember who shot it) was a thing of beauty but it came as a result of an obvious defensive lapse by Metropolitan. Otherwise we're not set up for quick runs and we rarely take a shot out of transition.

The offensive scheme appears different than last year.  It's a much more "traditional" approach where you just find the guy in space and feed him. They're not playing favorites the way Coach Mangan seemed to do. Anyone can shoot.  But from where I sit the offense always seems to be reacting to the opposing defense rather than dictating the pace and focus.  Plus we're still forecasting a lot of the shots.

Just my 2˘.

What bugs me most about the defense is we flat out lose guys, and as you point out, its not because we are taking aggressive risks - we just lose focus, they find him and Jake is left 1:1.  

I'd feel better if we had a decent FO guy on the recruiting list - god knows he'd likely start - but its barren.  Maybe some kid figures that out and we get lucky - another year at sub-40% and Jim can put a fork in it.

In a season where I expected at least a small step forward, we have gone in reverse.

It would have been much to expect anything this year, but we beat Colgate now #19 in the nation and came up short at Army.

Boston U, Mercer, and HC were must wins and keeping it respectable vs Lehigh and BU were attainable... First two goals failed.  Boston U loss really broke the season.

If I were Coach i would recruit only defense and a FOGO...Watch #44 on the last play of the game....why did he slide?????

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