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W Lax clinches a playoff berth

congrats to W Lax, Not only a winning season but we are in the playoffs. This is a fun team to watch. It now starts to get tougher with a decent Lehigh squad up next on Wed.

We'll see what happens against the class of the Patriot League over the next two weeks, but the Leopards have definitely established themselves as a postseason threat. The situation in the cage is a bit worrisome as we move forward, but any time you have the top two (and three of the top five) goal scorers in the league, you've always got a puncher's chance to win.

And I know how much coaches like to reward an unbeaten trip through the league (and rightfully so), but if Loyola takes a loss somewhere and the Leopards win at least one more, it's tough to see anybody other than Coach Fisher winning PL Coach of the Year.

I watched  bits and pieces of this game and was impressed at the aggressiveness of the LC Offense.  Clearly, #31 is a very special player - as has been pointed out many times.  This team does not sit back and wait plus I thought they were good at causing turnovers by HC.  It is interesting to see how the schedule worked out.  LU will be a big test on Wednesday.  It is what the "Rivalry" is all about  and a meaningful late season game as well.

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