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The Maroon

Warm Up the Bandwagon

We're up by 6 at the half in Hamilton.

I only saw the last few minutes of the half and what I saw had me wondering if I can't get my resume in to coach Colgate's squad - we DEFINITELY have the better coach tonight.

More on that later - I'll settle in for the second half.
The Maroon

We're 0 for in the first 4 minutes in the second half and 'Gate has the lead.

Anna P is not playing for whatever reason.
The Maroon

Agnello having a career - 3 treys...
The Maroon

Vipond and Santarelli each nail a  3.

If we played defense we'd be dangerous.
The Maroon

Complete clusterfuck of a 3rd quarter - they scored 29 frickin points and we're down by 12 in the fourth.

Wow...just wow...

Agnello has 17 - more than doubling her output for the season.

We're down by 15 with about 7 to go.

We may well not win another game.

This is just bad.
The Maroon

Agnello finished with a whopping 20! Colgate was atrocious defensively - this is what makes the 9-point loss especially disturbing.
Ransom Stoddard

There is so much to discuss about this game.  Overall, still a loss but we did things tonight we had not done all year.  

First, the 69 points were by far the most we scored all year (our average going into the game was 47 points).  We took a Grinnell-like 81 shots!!!  We'd been averaging 52 shots a game.  We made 26 shots tonight for a 32% FG%.  Colgate only took 43 shots but made 22 (51%).  The refs weren't as bad as that one game we played but, nevertheless, we only went to the line 17 times to their 39 - we had to play the foul game at the end which accounted for some of the disparity, but still, there were a lot of iffy calls on us.  They hit 26 of their FTs (67%) and we hit 9 (53%).  We have to hit our FTs!!!  

Next, a career game for Agnello.  She came into the game shooting 3-37 from the field (8%!).  And she shows up tonight and scores 20 on 7-15 shooting, and hits 4 of 9 from beyond the arc!  You could argue that it was a fluke, and that, without her fluke night, we would have gotten buried again, but let's hope it was her showing her true potential.  With Ptasinski out tonight, Agnello played 36 minutes and was terrific.

The rest of the team was so-so, with the exception of Ottewill-Soulsby, who, though limited by foul trouble, played great in her 16 minutes (8 points, 3 assists).  Cantwell played all 40 minutes and pulled down 11 rebounds, but her 2-14 shooting hurt us.  Stipa, Hood and Ribarich all had poor shooting nights too (4-12, 2-12, 2-10 respectively).  Agnello's shooting kept us in the game.  On a positive note, we only had 12 TOs to their 22.

As Maroon said, we lost the game in the 3rd quarter.  We got away from going inside to begin the quarter, started chucking up 3-pointers and kept missing.  In the last 1:24 of the quarter, it went from a 1 point deficit to 10 points - terrible defensive lapses allowed dribble penetration and easy layups and they hit some amazing 3-pointers.  They got the lead up to 15 in the first minutes of the 4th.  We got the lead down to 6 late in the 4th, but just could not overcome the hole we dug ourselves.  

Gumbs was limited to 10 minutes because of foul trouble - again.  For like the millionth time this season, she got called for a foul because she plowed over someone trying to screen her.  I don't know why she hasn't figured out you can't do that.  In one of the last couple of games, when she did it twice in a row on successive plays, Holland went up to Gumbs, grabbed Gumbs' face close to her's and talked to Gumbs about it very sternly - it was pretty amusing.  

Lutz played 3 minutes.  I still don't get that.  She would have definitely helped in this game.  

Again, overall, I liked that we scored - even though we had to take 81 shots to get there - and it was great to see Agnello play so well.  But all the same problems are there - mediocre FG%, defensive breakdowns, can't shoot FTs, foul trouble, etc.  But I'd rather lose like we did tonight than a night where we hardly shoot the ball and score 27 points.  This was more entertaining.  

I never got off the bandwagon - I'm just the guy in the back bitching about the rough ride.
The Maroon

I can't imagine we're going to see another team that is content to sit back in a soft zone and put ZERO pressure on our guards or on the perimeter. Their scouting report on us seemed to be
"They can't really can't shoot.. - they are missing their best shooter...just let them shoot - they won't make it"

Right now 10 wins is a complete fantasy. Getting to 5 without beating Colgate?

I don't know...

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