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The Maroon

What is WRONG with this program!?!

We're becoming mind-numbingly bad in a hurry. We're shooting worse, scoring less, and turning the ball over more than last year - AND THAT TEAM FINISHED 6-23!!!

I don't know if we have a single player who would start on any of the league's top six teams.

New coaches always get a two-year pass with me, I'm not interested in bashing coach G (until next year! ) - But I don't understand why we can't put together a solid team.
Ransom Stoddard

Two related things are happening here which have put us where we are.

First, Coach has decided to play the freshman - her recruits - over the girls who were recruited under Coach Nolan's regime.  The freshman simply aren't that good right now and I don't know if they can or will develop into good college players.  Gumbs shows talent and athleticism, but gets into foul trouble too easily and seems to lose her assignment too many times in both the offensive and defensive ends.  The other freshman seem no better than what we have already.  The freshman have taken a third of all the shots we have put up this year and have a FG% of just under 24%.  And that lack of offense is what is absolutely killing us right now.

Second, I feel that the morale among the non-freshman especially, but the team in general, is poor because the other players either are not getting the minutes they think they have earned or, with respect to Stipa and Ptasinski - the two hold-overs who are playing the most - they have all the pressure to score and lead the team on the floor.  I am no Hall of Fame coach, but I do know something about managing people and their expectations.  And, from what I can see, Coach is losing the players' confidence and trust which runs directly contrary to the efforts to build the program.

The current product on the court is unwatchable.
Patience ... patience ...
We've been through a lot.
The Matriarch.
The Successor (as bad as it was, she gets more blame than deserved, but losing 100 games in four years is really something)
The Next One (I had high hopes)
And now
The Terminator.
She's terminating careers, maybe the program?

Either she does it or .... ?

Right now, this team is unwatchable.

Patience ... yeah, yeah... just a little patience ...

i think the coach is exasperated.She should sit some upper classmen but I think she has sat the wrong ones.

Here's an egregious case of college sports involving a local athlete at Tennessee:

Perhaps it was best? Better than not competing?
I know Grentz needs to make big changes. At the same time, these are athletes Lafayette made a commitment to and the coaching change was beyond their control.
She's a tough person. I hope that pays off.

15-13 in 1997-98. That's the last winning season.
Like so much else in the Lafayette sports world, it's insane.

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