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What team has the best chance to have a winning record

Despite a PL championship in football our dearth of winning records continues. What team has the best chance of achieving this elusive goal this year, baseball, M/W lacrosse, or tennis?

umm...woman's lax.... maybe
Bogus Megapardus


This is really sad.
Long Time Fan

flyfisher wrote:
This is really sad.

This is Lafayette.
Bogus Megapardus

MLax will improve but Pards will win two league games at best this season.  National rankings now are out and three PL are ranked in the top 20.  Against them we have little prospect of success - yet.  I envision 5 wins overall this year, realistically, as DI lacrosse becomes more and more competitive, and because we play in a true, national "power conference" in the world of lacrosse.  I hope to be pleasantly surprised, though.

WLax has a difficult but not unreasonable schedule this year.  Even with the addition of Loyola and Boston U. we'll remain competitive.  I count a solid 10 wins in our 17 game WLax schedule.  WLax remains the only team other than turn-of-the-last-century football to win a national title - which occurred in the 1980s.

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