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Women's Soccer wins a Tournament Game

Congrats to the team, the coaches, parents and all who support this program. When was the last time women' soccer won a tournament game? And beating Lehigh makes it all the sweeter!  

Sounds like it was a true team effort with the goal coming just before the game would have gone to PKs.

A very satisfying victory.

Nice job players and coaches - congrats to all.  Go take it to BU.

Good work by Stratham and his charges!!

Definitely good work by the coach & the team.  It looks like LC played very well throughout the game with the edge in corners and shots on goal, not that stats mean much in a scoreless game.  Per 137, LU could have scored a lucky goal and won in spite of being outplayed but, alas, that did not happen thankfully for LC.

The wining corner from Katelyn King was a high, arching shot that Scotti headed in from the left side of the post and to the keeper's left.  A very good play given the often randomness of headers.  The girls really celebrated as they should have.  

This may be all we have to cheer about in the fall sports season so let's hope these young women keep up the good work and go out to 137 land and get a win.  It will be a formidable task given the 137s excellent play this season. But a win over the 137s would be particularly sweet, although not as sweet as beating LU!!!

Men's soccer has their fate in their boots - with win over Gate in Easton on Saturday, it looks like they are in the tournament.  While it is in the past now, the loss to Navy last Saturday was a potential disaster for this team so they really need to get it together on Saturday.

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