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Just received a phone call advising that the Football Forum scheduled for August 4th has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Lot of talk on here but no one wants to hear it from Frank?  

Gosh it was only $20 and you got a meal. Maybe it was too expensive. Based on previous pre-season "coaches nights" that were cancelled, they were never reestablished after they ended. Sounds like the end of the football forums.

I always enjoyed Carney asking Frank tough questions. And someone put Bruce on the spot a few years ago regarding game times.

I've gotten a few phone calls "reminding" me that the Football Forum was coming up.  It smacked of attendance problems.  Not a surprise, but certainly a loss.

IMO, the "problem" was Frank.  He has become a traditional coach who no longer shoots from the hip, and very little information was being given.  He learned coach speak and how to juke and jive through the Q&A portion of the evening.  Very few tough (translation - good) questions were being asked, and none were being answered honestly.  The recruiting highlight films were ho-hum and same old, same old.  An evening that I used to look forward to became one that I began avoiding.

While I have never been, I have been to some with other coaches. However I can't blame Frank for being conservative in his comments. Too much at stake in the game today. I doubt that is why attendance is low.

I stopped going when Frank stopped talking. I can watch the recruits on hudl. His comments used to be the meaningful part. Afraid of the internet. Guess I can't blame him.
Bogus Megapardus

I don't think anyone's actually afraid of the internet.  The internet gives Pard fans all over the world access to a top-quality, professional broadcast of every game.  And it gives us beforehand just about all the information Coach T. typically would have revealed at the Football Forum.  

The Signing Day broadcast (especially with Coach T.'s commentary) really has replaced the Football Forum in terms of information about the program.  It's more captivating and it's in real time. Lafayette is far ahead of the rest of the PL in its use of the internet for bringing information to fans and it has been for years.  Perhaps Coach T. rolls his eyes because he's not much of an internet junkie but no doubt he knows well enough how the internet serves the greater purpose of Lafayette football.

That said, this Board often is the first place for breaking news about recruits, coaching changes, schedules, etc.  The AD/Coaches likely would prefer that fans use the "official" (i.e. trackable and censorable) social media but they also must realize that this Board serves an important purpose.

I guess we don't need the football forum after all. Franks Friends of Football email provides video of the 22 recruits.

The Football Forum was  one of my favorite events. It has always been a problem to attract younger Alumni. It has long been attended mainly by older Alums. The turnout has been shrinking over the years as well.A large part of the crowd has been comprised of assistant coaches and some early football attendees reporting for summer camp . I have long had the feeling it was dying.I might be wrong but it seems this year that the Lehigh Valley Club relinquished the event to the Alumni office which did nothing to get people to attend.If you weren't a regular or a member of the Friends of Football I don't think you would have known about it unless you happened to notice it on the Alumni events calender or in a Friends' notice.Although I am not a full fledged member ( I belong to receive club notices) I think the Lehigh Valley Club should take it back or work with the Friends to restore the event.
Bogus Megapardus


NewXbo wrote:
Just received a phone call advising that the Football Forum has been cancelled

I think I stopped actually answering the phone like eight years ago.  That's why God invented voicemail.

I never attended, having it on a weeknight makes it difficult. Making a day of it with golf and a side trip for wives might help.
This year there would have been some extra emotion with the loss of Brian Keller.
Now, the first game against a great opponent and with a tribute to Brian, that's going to be a tough moment.

The loss of Brian has been especially tough for everyone.,pl schools showed a lot class either attending the viewing or sending flowers. First class all the way. The whole service, both days was tough. He was such a leader and probably a captain this year. Not just a leader but the fighting spirit of the team. It may seem odd but I think about him every day. Every day. And I only knew him 2 years. He really helped my son on the field, off the field and in the classroom. He truly lived life to the fullest and made the people around him better.

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