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Men's soccer adds 12
A thread for light stuff and joie de vivre
5-20, plus football 5-26. The women are fighters. Go Grentz!
sacred heart
Holy Cross at Home
2016 Basketball
Coaching Staff
Welcome fans, to the Lafayette zone ...
2016 Football Recruiting
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Twitter embed code
Can't get the embed feature to work on our board.  I see the HC guys use it on theirs. Seems to need an additional step beyond cutting and pasting the given twitter code. Anyone know how to use it? Thanks.
Men's soccer adds 12
Evan Vare, highly decorated prolific scorer, named PA Gatorade POY today.  

Holy Cross at Home
The hex continues.  The team hung in there and after a poor third quarter played tough down the stretch.  This loss hurt.
5-20, plus football 5-26. The women are fighters. Go Grentz!
Grentz is turning this team into fighters.
Meanwhile the stats tell the story for the men. One offensive rebound against Holy Cross. HC lost to Bucknell by 25.
So far this year, a game with 4 for 29 first-half shooting and a game with 72 percent shooting in the first half (and wasn't even ahead!)
This is a record-setting year.
One could argue that any men's team could win the PL tournament. The league is that bad and has no big upsets.
However, only a couple could avoid a walloping in R ...
2016 Basketball
So where do we stand for the class of 2020? (incoming 2016)
2016 Football Recruiting
edge29 wrote:
Andy wrote:
In a nutshell:

The more I watch Spigner's highlights the more intrigued I am at him playing WR.  Let's hope he has great hands!

Yes!  We know he can run and great frame.

How about a comparison - Keith Earle and our awesome captain Marvin Snipes?!

Snipes - came in at 6-2 235 (would grow to 250), got after the QB, 4.6 40, impressive character and student ...
A thread for light stuff and joie de vivre
Tim Bieg gets into a Hall of Fame
sacred heart
we need to start the season on a positive note by beating non conference teams...
Welcome fans, to the Lafayette zone ...
Welcome fans, you are entering a strange place where:

--losing is accepted, expected and rewarded.
--coaches with lifetime losing records become, coaches for life.
--teams get worse with scholarships.
--factual discussion of the program's doormat status is deemed to be negative.
--programs serve coaches.  
--the occasional good season is not a building block for the future, but is instead an excuse to lose for several years.
--where six straight losing football seasons, capped by a 1-1 ...
Squawks @ KSC
The Bethlehem Brown arguably played their best game of the year against AU over the weekend. Kempton & Co. will be a handful. Hoping for a big student turnout to help our guys out.

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