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Alston and Boykins
Spring game
Personnnel moves by current and former staff
Barlow transfers out
Baseball flounders
School Support
What will be different this Spring?
2017 Football Recruiting
Lehigh Up 9-2 in Women's Lacrosse
Coaches and sports, stay or go?
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
Latest Articles
Barlow transfers out
Tyler Barlow will play for D2 St. Mary's (Texas).
Personnnel moves by current and former staff
Paul McLoughlin has left Lafayette to be Vice President and dean of the college at Colgate.
School Support
Congrats to Holy Cross. Admittedly jealous because if HC can become a successful program, there is no reason LC can't be. Interesting quote today from HC Coach Lattimore..."Our administration has done a phenomenal job of growing the program, growing the athletic program,” Lattimore said. “It’s been great for the whole school.” Also noticed LC ended up at the bottom of most every statistical category...including attendance. Got to get some energy back into the program and generate some inter ...
Spring game
Where to start? Yikes!

I will acknowledge the obvious in that several of the Pards established players plus one promising newcomer (Guiduce) didn't participate due to injuries, but boy do we have a long way to go.

Glass half full - Boy did our defensive backs look good

Glass half empty - Yeah, but that is because they were going our offense

Biggest positives - Powe, Bissell

Biggest negative - lack of any semblance of a run offense

Hot take - I think Davis will start the season ...
2017 Football Recruiting
Andy wrote:
Congrats to Major, JJ, and Brycen for being selected to play in the PA E-W AS Game  (May 7 Altoona)

Lots of changes from originally announced roster. Brycen and Major remain. At RB -  JJ and the record setter heading to Yale, no longer listed.
Coaches and sports, stay or go?
Money isn't the issue and we already do have tiers, though unstated.
View sports as a bell curve: minimal interest on the left, football on the far right.

We have several teams on the far left that nobody cares about. That lowers the bar for all. The curve shifts left. That has to end. It makes it too easy for other teams to coast, to go with the flow.

So cut tennis-M/tennis-W/golf/volleyball. Those are easy cuts.
If some benefactor wants to donate enough to endow a sport, hey go for ...
Lehigh Up 9-2 in Women's Lacrosse
I was excited for this one..
"Monday Night Football" Spring Practice Report
Andy wrote:
PR had me juiced to see the 2nd of 2 MNF practices.  Confirmed on the website spring practice schedule, reaffirmed all of 5 days ago in The Call.

Rearranged my schedule, filled the fun car with gas, drove the 110 miles to Fisher, joined 4 or 5 other guys in the stands, and witnessed AN INTRAMURAL F'N SOCCER GAME!


My last spring practice report EVER. (lucky for you guys. Hah!)

Was good seeing my friend, X. Another tr ...
Bucknell loss
Sadly, while our program is really struggling (I would say floundering, but promised myself that this year I would be more positive), nationally men's lacrosse is getting more television coverage than ever .  As the popularity of the sport grows, a strong lacrosse program is quickly becoming positive advertising for many academically elite (or at least very strong) schools.

I hope that the committee recognizes the bigger picture regarding competitive athletics.  Good teams = more co ...
What will be different this Spring?
Commit Jake Taggart will be at the spring game this weekend.   Would be at practices to watch if we could but the 3.5 hr drive makes it impossible
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