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ESPN mixes up UL-Lafayette and Lafayette College (again)
Kansas - just don't get hurt
Congrats To Mat. Well done!!
Sam Dunkum Commits
Give Us Your 2013 Final Grade
Byerly Letter
2015 Football Recruiting
Susquehanna - just don't get hurt
Patriot league Sagarin Ratings As Of 12/12
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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The women's team is 6-4 with another road game before League Play.  The losses to Columbia and Stony Brook on the road really hurt or else this team would have a very good record.  Their poor play on the road may make a .500 mark in league play impossible.  Still I would like to see a winning record with this group.  Their biggest flaw (other than rebounding - and Lutz is a big improvement there) may be hoping that O'hara and Macklin can consistently make threes.  They might be better off leavin ...
ESPN mixes up UL-Lafayette and Lafayette College (again)
Congrats To Mat. Well done!!
Confort Named to Face-Off All-League Team.
Kansas - just don't get hurt
Patriot League play is coming up!
Sam Dunkum Commits
Official list is out. Is it me or am I underwhelmed? The dunkun comments are all about what he could do not CAN do.  We know how "could do" players make out on our roster.
2015 Football Recruiting
Congrats to Tanner Kern for making 1st Team All-State all groups.  Connecticut.  Kern's team won the small school state championship.
Susquehanna - just don't get hurt
Don't need a repeat of last year's D-III fiasco
Trouble In Paradise?
SixtyEighter wrote:
I noticed about a month ago that Dave Caldwell was head coach at Wake and had about 5 former Patriot League coaches on his staff including Higgins and if I remember correctly at least one who had coached the Leopards (Dave Cohen I believe).

yes, Dave Cohen.  A great coach who got screwed when Hofstra dropped their program.  Odds were he would have been an FBS hc had that not happened.
Byerly Letter
What percent of the money from 150 is going back to the football program?
One would think the football+ recruiting budget should be going up because the football program was the one that brought in all the income for the event.
Give Us Your 2013 Final Grade
Make that

Give Us Your 2014 Final Grade.

The rosy glow from The Blowout in the Bronx is sinking in and we can now look back on the season that was with some degree of objectivity.  Give it a grade.  Here’s a game-by-game reminder to get you going:

Sacred Heart 27, LAFAYETTE 14 – A winnable game against a good but not superior team.  In all fairness, the Pioneers had already played a game, wh ...
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