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The Study..any leaks?
2018 Football Recruiting
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Bucknell's Julien Davenport
New ISC building breaks ground
Field hockey recruit
Watching our CFL guys
Alston and Boykins
Oops - make that Gumbs transfers to George Washington
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New ISC building breaks ground
Integrated Sciences Center broke ground in early May I read. The Lafayette Connection said it was the most expensive capital project in school history at $75 million (of course all these press releases anywhere - including box office numbers - always fail to adjust for inflation).  It will include a cafe which looks out on the field in front of Anderson Hall.  It is between Anderson Hall and the engineering building I cant recall the name of. They squeezed another building in!
Bucknell's Julien Davenport
Agreed! Go Bison alum! I will be going to Bucknell for my annual family vacation July 8-12 for some golf, sightseeing and custard at Lewisburg Freeze. BU Golf Club is a great course. Playing there since summer 1977 (not consecutively). This year I want a par on #18!
Breaking News
Bogus Megapardus wrote:
In my utopian, unlimited-budget world, the lacrosse facility goes here - protected from the March winds by the natural contour of the hillside.

Prevailing winds blow right over the cliff, which drops about 300 feet in a short distance.

I ...
Field hockey recruit
FH adds german recruit Anna Steps for the fall. Penciled in for midfield or attack
Alston and Boykins
The Milwaukee Bucks invited Kempton to play for their summer-league team.
New Contract for Byerly
Good deal. No issue with that, she has done well so far. I was just taken aback, it seems she just started "yesterday" but further reflection was it was July 1, 2013 I believe? I do recall very well going to her inaugural dinner in early October, 2013. Ugh, I was forced to stay at the Quality (seriously!?) Inn off of Route 22 as I guess this event, coupled with some Parents Weekends/Homecomings at other institutions boxed out a lot of better hotels.
The Study..any leaks?
"The Report" is now 2 1/2 months overdue and was not even referenced in Byerley's "State of the College" speech 2 weeks ago.I wonder if the school has it and is sitting on it .I'm going to email the sports information department to  inquire as to the status of the report.
Weiss at Met
It's pretty obvious I am no fan of Weiss's but Haverford is a college Lafayette aspires to emulate academically. Haverford is generally regarded as a top 5 small college along with Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore and  Harvey Mudd or Claremont-McKenna.Lafayette is generally regarded as in the top 50 but no more than in the 30's nationally.All of Haverford's peers are DIII and neither Haverford nor Swarthmore has a football team, both having decided football was too much of a drain on academics ...
Deuce Gruden
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