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Extermination of Fraternities on Campus
Leopards In The News
Women's Preseason PL Poll
Yankee Stadium parking & tailgating
The streak continues....
Homecoming? What Homecoming?
Holy Cross post game ... Does anybody care
Top 5 Paid People at Lafayette
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This is Bucknell week in football and it got me to thinking what a great  job their BOT has done over the years for the school. They have a very nice and successful athletic program, they are in the sweet spot as to size (3-5k). They have a vibrant greek life, and they hire up in their presidents. Looking at personnel from schools larger than themselves with a broader background. Not a bad template to emulate.
It does however seem to be a template followed by other PL schools except us an ...
Leopards In The News
Joe Madden is "sitting in the Catbird's seat." To coin a phrase. He can make a ton of money as a color commentator on some cable or TV iteration while waiting for the job he wants to surface whatever that may be .Judging from the interviews I've seen , he is extremely articulate and entertaining and like Pat Summerall or John Madden does not engage in the  "jock babble." If anything he may speak too intelligently for the audience.
Women's Preseason PL Poll
Haven't seen Ptasinki's sister play but have met the girl from Chicago.  She looks every bit of 6-2.  Outer city.  Tried to get her to say she's a scorer; but. she wouldn't take the bait.  If she can take the place of sixth-"man" Kelly, we will be in fine shape.  Homan '15 is as good as anyone in the league.  Just a terrific, determined player.  Defensively, the other teams are consistently able to take that first step and drive the baseline before we ...
The streak continues....
To Mr. AD and those who review him - did you notice that short of a few unlikely football upsets we will go yet another semester without a winning team in ANY sport.  Not one.

Congrats, surely you lead a charmed life when you consider where else that could happen in college sports or the business world.   And please, don't answer (not that you will) by citing the GPAs and graduation rates we achieve - the two are NOT mutually exclusive.
Still can't believe it actually snowed like that!  That was the most snow we saw all winter.
Yankee Stadium parking & tailgating
Whats the deal? Anyone know?
Homecoming? What Homecoming?
We may have discussed this before, but what has happened to Homecoming?  There used to be raging party on March Field, but now, nothing.

I recall for several years, nobody was allowed to park on March Field during Homecoming, even though one could park there for every other home game.

This year, though, parking was allowed on March Field.  I assume the admin finally feels that they have 'killed' the tradition and have allowed cars back on the field.  However, there was no ...
Extermination of Fraternities on Campus
Franks Tanks wrote:
isn't the DKE house currently being renovated?

How did they get in trouble without having a current house on campus?

Nearly every poster on this board was a member of one of those houses that are no longer active.  Concerned alums and students have provided constant feedback over the years to the admin/BOT, withheld donations and filed lawsuits.  Nothing has made a dent.  The school is intent on removing all fraternities regardless of tradition and va ...
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