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WSOC vs NJIT 2-1 win in OT
Monmouth Pregame
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Field Hockey
How many wins in 2017?
How come I don't see televised games
2018 Football Recruiting
Watching our CFL guys
Kia Damon is the new WBB coach
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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WSOC vs NJIT 2-1 win in OT
Lafayette was playing well and had opportunities, particularly after a defensive miscue about 20 minutes in but there was nobody there to put it away.
NJIT scored late in half one off a corner, saved but not cleared and then kicked in for a fairly easy goal.
Monmouth Pregame
Lots of “new” – coaching staff, QB, … well, just lots of it.

The beginning of this thread predates the announcement of the two deep for this game.  All will be looking to see who won the starting QB competition.

None of us thinks of Monmouth as the Alabama of FCS football.  Still, the Hawks were one of only two teams to defeat Lehigh during the regular season last year - and they also beat Fordham.  Those are, just in case you haven’t been keeping track, predicted to be the top two teams i ...
How come I don't see televised games
I see no home live streamed games scheduled for any sport?? What's going on??

Also still waiting for football tickets I ordered two weeks ago.

Small check I sent to a Friends Group is uncashed from two weeks ago.

Called Exec Dir of the Maroon Club and he is on vacation ???

Watching our CFL guys
Ross Scheuerman is now on the practice squad for Hamilton. The Tiger Cats started the year badly and have not improved. CJ Gable has been at RB.
Gable's salary is reportedly about C$90,000 (US$72,000) which sounds archaic by NFL standards, but he's the highest-paid running back on the team so, with nothing going right, play the "big" contract guy.
Field Hockey
While I am nearly as excited as Lafalum about the upcoming FH season, my cynical side says that this team will be a mystery given how much they lost through graduation.  This is especially true now that Amanda Magadan is gone.  Her stellar play with the National Team is a reminder of how good she is.  As I said many times last season, she was the best player on the field in every game I saw.  However, she played mid field but the biggest need for last year's team was for scor ...
Sydney Sabino
Wagner College WBB was 4-25 last year - rivaling LC for the worst team in the country. Sabino is not listed on their roster so hopefully she is a Freshman and will be able to play right away.
Kia Damon is the new WBB coach
Looks like LC has a transfer coming in from Wagner. A shooter - Sydney Sabino. Rumson.  All I have.

Same AAU as N.J.
How many wins in 2017?
I'll go with two and I say that with respect to the efforts of the new coaching staff and the sacrifices of the players.  

The defense will be better than last year. The offense is a mystery. Depth and experience are lacking.

There isn't a "gimme" game. Georgetown and Sacred Heart look like the best bets.

Monmouth away, they have good nasty athletes, this might be like the Wagner game a few years ago.

Lehigh, Villanova and Fordham: ranked. Harvard, Princeton and Col ...
Rogalski jumps ship
bethlehempard wrote:
This may be history but it's not tradition.

Lafayette has been playing lacrosse for a very long time - longer than the vast majority of DI schools. The problem always has been lacrosse's association with being a "boarding school sport." Lafayette long ago escaped its image as a place exclusively full of boarding school grads, but the sport continues to be treated that way.

The only remedy at this point is to get a powerho ...
Credit ratings
As someone who uses bond ratings virtually every day in some of my consulting work, my reaction to the lowering of LC's bond rating is that it is no big deal although I agree that it merits some quality time explaining the situation to the BoT.  The rating agencies' methodologies are opaque and arcane to say the least and their reputations have taken a well-deserved hit since their rather prominent role in rating mortgage securitization structures during the financial crisis.  While the drop in ...
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