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Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?
Jamel Smith
Everything needs to change.....
Women's team
2016 Football Recruiting
What's next?
Field hockey signs six in early signings
Soccer fails to score
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?
Chattanooga 31 Fordham 0 at the half.
Ideally Colgate will find a way to do a little better later today.

As always thanks to Jim Mora, coach of the Philadelphia Stars but more quotable as an NFL head coach. And no he never did win an NFL playoff game.
Chattanooga: no matter how many times I look at it, it still appears to be spelled wrong.

Now 38-0. I have no sympathy for the Rams but if UNH blows out Colgate again it's bad for the league.

Gate 12-6 at the half. Impressive.
Women's team
It's very telling that noone has put up a post since 11-22. Everyone in shellshock over abysmal start to season. This is not going top be an Immaculata style miracle.
What's next?
$20 billion endowment and we have to pay to watch.....
Lost by 8, but, we were down 18 with 3mins to go. The season is going about like I thought. Young group is learning, trying to settle into their roles, and FOH is still figuring out his rotations. Klinewski starting to exert himself offensively. Lindner seems to be struggling. The beat goes on.
Jamel Smith
Smith is doing well at Rowan:
Field hockey signs six in early signings
Stone has signed six to National Letters. I will get the names later. On good authority she has offered a european and she has been accepted by admissions. Fingers crossed!! One recruit was an early commit to an ACC school and switched to Lafayette according to reports !!
Soccer fails to score
ed65 wrote:
The Maroon wrote:
Well we solved this problem: Both coaches need to recruit "scorers." I'm sure that will give them a good chuckle in Kirby.

On the men's side what sticks out is our serious dropoff in possession in the second half vs. the first. Maybe it is a frustration mentality if the hard work isn't paying off.  Maybe we don't utilize our subs as well as other teams - or our subs aren't as strong. I doubt it's conditioning or ha ...
2016 Football Recruiting
Andy wrote:
Recent offer:

Early Nov WR offer:

Is it me or is anyone else not impressed?  We can do better imo.  We NEED to do better at this position.
Everything needs to change.....
Pards Rule wrote:
flyfisher wrote:
Yes, kidney stones. I have had 36 of them starting at 16 years old. Had basket retrieval, lithotripsy to blast then, had them cut out, and passed them. Hurts but you will live.

XBO asks some good questions. This year was the perfect storm, in a bad way. Many things to address.

Indeed the perfect storm. Why didn't he just announce kidney stones though?

No idea. The players knew. ...
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