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2015 Football Recruiting
A Preview Discussion of 2015
THE comeback
Lacrosse Preaseon
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
Ross Scheuerman
FH commitment
Lehigh game
Blake Costanzo
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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THE comeback
How about those women!? How about O'Hare's tails up play! Exciting!
A Preview Discussion of 2015
The schedule is already on the website... interesting observation, but for the first time since 1896, Lehigh is not on the schedule (not kidding).  And as in 1896, Lehigh is smarting from their royal a__ -beating on a national stage.  Or, Lehigh has just given up the foot ball?  Laughing

Bucknell and Colgate are late-season 1pm games... guess they listened to c2...

Homecoming is Harvard (why, why can' ...
Lacrosse Preaseon
PL preseason poll out today... Pards picked 8th out of 9 teams... Loyola gets the majority of first place votes, followed by Army second and Lehigh third, but with the second most first-place votes.
I'll bet it balmy in Hamilton!? Let's turn this around and stop this skid.
FH commitment
Gabrielle Ulery from Maryland a goalie
Adriano Pero Mt St Joseph Academy
Theresa Delahanty  Council Rock North
Ross Scheuerman
Ross Scheuerman  invited to the NFL Combine Woohoo Good luck Ross !!!
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
The euphoria of November's win and early bball results is clearly over.
2015 Football Recruiting
Looks like we got a commitment tonight from Atlanta area LB /FB Jacob Rose
Lafayette College Sports
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2015 Football Recruiting
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