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William & Mary Pregame - We Don't Want To See Mary
Coaching Change
Lafayette in TMQ
Bobby Mo Post Game
New Training Facility for Rowing
2015 Football Recruiting
Robert Morris in game
Frankosaurus vs. Saint Francis
Robert Morris Pregame - The Cure For What Ails Ya?
Getting The Monkey Off Our Backs
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Lafayette in TMQ
Scroll to the "Bonus Obscure College Score" entry at the bottom (the "Obscure College" being Robert Morris):

Bonus Obscure College Score: Lafayette 50, Robert Morris 3. The Colonials took a short field goal to avoid being shut out. Located in Pittsburgh, Robert Morris University constantly is confused with the unaffiliated Robert ...
Coaching Change
Major announcement expected this week
2015 Football Recruiting
Clayton Rush WR/CB 6-0 175 Northeast HS Phily

Full ride offer 9/9

Self tweeted
New Training Facility for Rowing
Bogus Megapardus wrote:
Does anybody have any kind of additional confirmation on the Metzgar rowing facility?

Some alum was willing to donate half the money for the facility.  They were seeking additional funds.  I told them that, in light of the drunk driver hitting the coed and the less-than-terrific Quonset down there now,  they should approach this top down not bottom up. Commit to the Lehigh River area in terms of facilities.  Oh, well. The rowing club ...
William & Mary Pregame - We Don't Want To See Mary
Even with God and John Wayne on our side this is going to be an uphill battle.  Bill should be able to score, even against the defense we threw up against RMU.  As for Mary…well, if we don’t see much of her it will be because we’re in a competitive game.  And that would be good.  Back in the summer I said that we want to be competitive in this one.  We do not want to see another roll over and die performance like last year.

The Tribe is 2-1, with their only loss coming at Virginia Tech.  Thei ...
Bobby Mo Post Game
Am I jumping the gun by saying that we are going as far this year as the defense will take us?  I'm guessing that RMU's O is not up to the standards we'll see down the road, but that was as dominating a defensive performance as I've ever seen by a Lafayette 11.  I don't have any stats, but I'm certain that RMU never crossed midfield* and I'm pretty certain they never even got beyond their own 40.  A thing of beauty.

*A reminder that their only score, a FG, was the result of an interception on ...
Robert Morris in game
Another pick for Reed.  WR had little chance on that one.  The D forces another turnover on a fumble.
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