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Coaching Change
Second Place
Fordham Pregame - Into The Valley Of Death
2015 Football Recruiting
AGS Sponsorship For #150
Wagner Postgame - Better Than A Kick In The Head, I Guess
Zeta Psi suspended for five years
Fall Softball
Time to hear some good things about Frank
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Coaching Change
I haven't confirmed it but I believe it is Theresa Grentz.  She played at Immaculata and coached at St Joes, Rutgers and Illinois.
Any truth to the rumor that captain(s) have been voted on?
2015 Football Recruiting
Time for an updated spreadsheet with new info from Andy,  but file attachment device not working.  Will research the issue.  Go Pards - take the Rams down a notch!
Second Place
So says Blue Ribbon Basketball.
Fall Softball
Well it looks like the softball team is sporting a bunch of youngsters and some injuries but guess what......they are 3-0 in the fall season. Granted the fall season only allows 8 games but it can be telling especially as to conditioning and attitude.  Based on what has transpired so far it appears the kids are learning to win the close games and have a never give up attitude.  I hope it all carries over to the regular spring season but it is a good start and it is definitely a team fi ...
Time to hear some good things about Frank
1- I'd love to see 3-1 or better but 2-2 was what I expected.
2- We have three QBs (if Zach is fit) who can help this team and have experience
3- Great game for Ross last night against a vicious opponent
4- Late first-half drive. Nobody saw that coming including Wagner.
5- When presented an opportunity late he went for it.
There are more but I'm going to have a drink and watch some British Isles fellows toss cabers. A Lafayette man Eoine Walsh used to compete but he must be retired by no ...
Zeta Psi suspended for five years
Bogus Megapardus wrote:
Pards Rule wrote:
I can honestly say that I saw weed but no snort! Snort really wasn't evident and I don't think had worked its way to college levels (except maybe ultra exclusive) by the time of my graduation in 1984.

1980s -- weed, coke, ludes, acid, shrooms, whitecrossers - - all were readily available if you knew where to go and whom to ask.  And "whippets."  Who recalls the "whippet" cra ...
Thought I saw Alan F on crutches at the Fb game. Jeez are we hurting already?
2015 basketball
I sat next to Klimewski(sp?) at the football game last night which he left at half time. He attended with his family. He is tall but slighter than he appeared on line and in photos. He does look like he has broken his nose several times thereby supporting his rep as a tough rebounder.He is sturdy but not overly large or bulky.
AGS Sponsorship For #150
Hmm, I need to make a donation just so those NDSU fans can whine for an entire month.

(P.S. I hadn't seen this idea until I read this thread.  I must have missed it on AGS.)
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