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Lehigh Post Game - We Miss You Already, Ross
Byerly Letter
The PL so far
All-League teams
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
Anything Special Going On At The Stadium?
50 years ago today # 100
I have one question which has not been asked
2015 Recruits
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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The PL so far
The league is now 20-25 and 0-11 versus the BCS conferences and the Big East. There are no jaw-dropping upsets so far.
Lehigh's 0-4 start is to me a little surprising. Army's 5-0 less so, but they play Duke on Sunday.
Byerly Letter
As I read the president's email this AM, I was hit over the head with something that was not brought up anywhere. Everyone is basking in the glow of the 150th victory, The Event, the move to NYC, Yankee Stadium, all the promotion, all the hype, all the alumni events, all the school spirit, all the media attention, Good Morning America, ESPN, CBS Sports, the ringing of the bell at Wall Street, the lighting of the empire state building, etc, etc, etc.........

All of this, all of this, all of th ...
Anything Special Going On At The Stadium?
Newleopardfan2 wrote:
Leaving to take the 2 to the 4 to the stadium. Central Park has been full of Pard gear. Skies clear blue and the air is crisp. The buzz I overheard from the crowd at the pizzaria is that Scheuerm is going for 150. Gonna be a good day. Bring it on!

haha - he smoked 150 by halftime!!
All-League teams
Ross Scheurman is 1st team RB (along with Edmunds)

Mazur 2nd team OL

Roberts and Smalley made 1st team.  That is all for the Pards.
50 years ago today # 100
Yes that legendary 6-6 tie, with both teams missing extra points in the first half. It was 50 years ago today, November 24, 1964. I know some of you were at the game. Mental snapshots? The program reprinted the article about the game from the Lafayette following Thanksgiving break.
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
'14-'15 results vs LU   (streak) [last 10]

M XC     0-1  (L16)
W XC     0-1  (L10)
VB         0-2   (L11)
W Soc    0-1  (L1)   [3-7]
M Soc.    1-0  (W4)  [7-2-1] Way to go, Pards!
Golf        1-0   (W1) [2-2]         Congrats, Pard golfers!
FH          1-0  (W11)                !!
MS&D     0-1  (L15)
WS&D    0-1  (L7) [2-8]
Football   1-0  (W2) [5-5]      Woohoo!


2013-14 --  8-23
2012-13 --14-19
2011-12 -- 6-26
2010-11 - ...
2015 Recruits
Orazetti ends up with Syracuse.
2015 Football Recruiting
Lehigh Pregame - 150: Not What We Expected
Pards Rule wrote:
BillS wrote:
flyfisher wrote:
No idea who our QB is today but if our o-line ever picked a game to protect their QB, let it be today. My oldest son watched our earlier games and he called it. He said no way our QB's would survive the poundings they were taking. He was right. Hopefully we reverse this today.

If ZZ is ur guy today I thinkwe all need to temper our expectations. The kid has not played a snap this year and n ...
Lafayette Helmets
Pard4Life wrote:
Pards Rule wrote:
Pard4Life wrote:
Dear God, Please BEAT LEHIGH!

yes! P4L are you going to be here with Bogie??

I have no idea about Bogie (don't even know who he is) but I have been in NYC. You might be more popular than that naked cowboy and definitely Elmo!

Indeed! The Pard was revered by all...It is a prime co-ed magnet!! Lots of photos of them posing wi ...
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Lehigh Pregame - 150: Not What We Expected
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