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PRESEASON 2015 - Preview, Summer Camp
Ball State and the Panthers
Rivals, Scout sites
Amanda Magadan makes the next step
The Yale Dome?
Woes at LaSalle
NYT Op-Ed: Stop Colleges From Hoarding Cash
W&M Pregame - "Into the Valley of Death ..."
Hoyas Get New Uniforms
2016 Football Recruiting
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Ball State and the Panthers
The Ball State SID I guess didn't have the time to look up our mascot. Hey guys its the Leopards its the Leopards. It looks like they are really looking forward to the game with the Scarlet Knights the day before.
Meet the Leopards on Sunday. I hope we make a big unforgettable
impression on their field hockey team!!!
The Yale Dome?
Apparently Yale has plans to install artificial turf and lights at the Bowl . . . and to put a bubble dome over the top of the whole thing.  Yikes.
Amanda Magadan makes the next step
In a press release by the national field hockey assn Amanda makes the final cut  for the Junior Pan Am team. They will be playing Great Britain's under 21 team in December at Spook Nook in Pa. before the Pan Am Games. It is a qualifier for the Junior World Cup the following fall.

Now can we turn this asset to our advantage and win the Patriot League ?? First game this sunday, we need lots of goals!!! Not that we don't have a terrific goalie. Come Ladies make this your year!!!
Woes at LaSalle
The student shortfall is sobering:
Rivals, Scout sites
Anyone here ever looked at starting a Rivals or Scout page that is associated with Lafayette College? Several CAA schools have them as well as SOCON and other conferences. I realize we are small but it could be more coverage, potential advertising dollars. I think it is going to continue to grow. Just a thought. College would also recognize the site more. Would not have much of a choice.
W&M Pregame - "Into the Valley of Death ..."
The "big" scrimmage is over and the team is only days away from settling into pregame mode.  We might as well join them.

The Tribe has a strong program and has been flirting with the FCS Top 25 for much of the preseason.  They went 7-5 last year and beat the Pards 33-19, with a dominant second half performance   Many have already jotted this year’s game into Lafayette’s loss column, so let’s start with the reasons William & Mary should win:

A soli ...
Hoyas Get New Uniforms
Bogus Megapardus wrote:
when are we ever going to be offered a DVD of #150?

What he said.
Trist and Hinrichs sign contracts
Seth signed with FC Porto of Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol (LPB) and Dan signed with Financieva Oviedo of Liga Espanola de Baloncesto (LEB) in Spain.
2016 Football Recruiting
Andy wrote:
LC Local Fan wrote:

Mike Dunn

Good work!  We are expanding your coverage area. Utah, New Mexico, and...Michigan!  Don't get excited, just the Upper Peninsula.

#66) Mike Dunn RB 6-0 200 Cheshire Acad (PG)

Source: self and coach tweets. Coach Fein tickle.

http ...
PRESEASON 2015 - Preview, Summer Camp
Surely one of you guys went to practice today. Someone has to have some feedback.
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