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Bad Fall
Holy Cross Pregame - The Season Begins
Harvard Post Mortem - John is a Bully
Women's Preseason PL Poll
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
Lafayette/Lehigh games at PPL Center
2014-15 Begins
Campaign for Lafayette
2015 Football Recruiting
New Manhattan office for Lafayette
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Bad Fall
Women's soccer drops an important game with Bucknell in overtime 2-1 after being ahead 1-0 at the half. Does not look good for the preseason.
Women's Preseason PL Poll

Homan made preseason All-PL.
Lafayette vs Lehigh '14-'15
Lafalum wrote:
Its more than money. You need an advocate and no one is willing to stand up for change. Not the AD , not his boss (three different ones in the last 6 years), not the administration, not the BOT, not the Maroon Club, not the student newspaper. They are all sheep who tolerate and promote mediocrity. Last year every team had a losing record and all of the above walked around with happy faces. We can't keep good coaches, and good assistants.
From time to time we a ...
Lafayette/Lehigh games at PPL Center
Lehigh has an attendance and atmosphere problem along with the 13 mile walk to get into Stapler. We have a parking problem, not an attendance problem.
2014-15 Begins
I missed the Midnight madness festivities. I assume we've started practice, or, will today?
2015 Football Recruiting
offer to Bethlehem Catholic Junior QB Julian Spigner.
New Manhattan office for Lafayette
Loving this line from the article:

"As Lafayette College continues to grow, it has become a necessity to offer staff a convenient location close to investors and other financial resources."

The only thing growing at Lafayette is the bloated administration.
Campaign for Lafayette
I keep reading and hearing about this in printed media, and there is a big to do at the American History Museum the night before the game.

Any idea on what this campaign entails or what the centerpieces will be?

(puppet theaters and finger paint studios?)
Sam Dunkum Commits
I would be thrilled to just have this kid's name mentioned somewhere in the vicinity of Muscala's.

Wait a minute, didn't we just...

I'm thrilled.
Holy Cross Pregame - The Season Begins
As stated elsewhere, we are just about where we expected to be at this point in the season. †Oh, thereís that loss at Sacred Heart, and we havenít stolen one from any of the big kids on the schedule, but 3-4 at this point would probably not have surprised anyone but BillS. †We havenít solved all of our preseason problems, but most teams donít. †The defense has been something of a bright spot and gives us the ability to hang in against most of the teams on our schedule. †The heavy hitters more or ...
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