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Lehigh to expand by 1,500 to 1,800 students
Bucknell Game Thread
morning call
How to turn around an athletic program
What happened to the troll??
Putnam and Maddon
Frank Tavani Extended Through 2016
No. 102. Cur non? Plus new spreads. And much more!
University of Chicago football
Well there's always basketball! 2016-17 previews start
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Lehigh to expand by 1,500 to 1,800 students
1,000 undergraduate 500-800 graduate students:,amp.html?client=safari

A look at Lafayette's progress:
Putnam and Maddon
A nice reflection on two Pard greats:
morning call
So for the past few weeks I have read these articles and looked at the buildings downtown and around Campus Pizza. I don't know all you guys know about LC and Easton but in my opinion, this looks like the best move the college has made since I started caring about LC. Even the elevator/tram makes sense to me, especially with 80 admin/overhead jobs of LC moving downtown. And the the Williams building and planned future growth, it makes sense to me. The tram could actually be a cool feature kinda ...
How to turn around an athletic program
Here is a template from Holy Cross

Hired Nate Pine in 2013:
Graduate of Oregon state, came from university of Maryland where he supervised men's basketball, soccer, women's soccer and baseball and revenue generation. Spent three years at Berkley,  and before that West Point.
After arriving at Holy Cross he hired a new basketball coach, ice hockey coach, ne men's lacrosse coach, new women's lacrosse coach, new volleyball coach, new field hockey coach, new women's soccer coach, and a new sof ...
University of Chicago football

Good article from a few weeks back regarding football at D-III University of Chicago.  We all know what kind of school Chicago is, but they are interested in having more success on the field, and getting more students to care.  They have a team and they want it to succeed.  What a concept!

"For the last several years, the University of Chicago has been engaged in a stealth campaign. It has ...
What happened to the troll??
The troll is gone.  What a shame! Smile
Friday's Lehigh fh game
Like us, if Bucknell loses on Saturday the winner of our game on friday between us and Lehigh goes to the PL tournament. This is the first game of significance Lehigh has had with us for years!!!
Frank Tavani Extended Through 2016
Express Times (Brad Wilson) has Tavani's contract running thru 2017.  The last published contract extension on athletics website had him thru 2016.
The elevator
flyfisher wrote:
ed65 wrote:
flyfisher wrote:
ed65 wrote:
A small nitpick fly:  Africa is a continent, and a huge one at that.  I totally agree with you that dropping engineering classes for gender studies is a colossal mistake.  Dropping engineering courses for any reason makes no sense.  I don't understand how this can happen.  It needs to be addressed.  I suspect most of the undergrads would consider gender studies to ...
Women's Soccer beats Navy in OT
Big win for the soccer girls -  33 seconds into overtime no less.  If they can find a way to beat 'Gate in the next game, they will make the PL Tournament.  Hopefully the student body with get their butts out to Metzger to support them.
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