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What will be different this Spring?
Weiss at Met
Forum Demise
Villanova game WLax
2017 Football Recruiting
"Needed: Reappraisal of Athletic Program"
Lafayette MBB, enough already
Barlow transfers out
2017 men's bball recruiting
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Weiss at Met
For anyone interested there is a full page article in yesterday's Wall Street Jurnal about how Weiss plans to save the Met.No mention of Lafayette - Haverford is mentioned a couple of times.
Villanova game WLax
The Villanova goalie is big and skilled. No place to shoot.  Don't like the looks of this.  Eleven VU saves in first half. Eleven free position shots for LC. Handing them that goal at the end of first half could haunt us. VU up by 2 at half.  

Seems like the trend in women's lacrosse is toward size throughout the lineup (true of all sports I suppose).  We are going to have to address that in our recruiting.
Forum Demise
I see that come June Myff will be shut down. Has there been any thought of what to migrate to.
Practices start tomorrow, and the field has been cleared of last week's snow and should be ready for play. Here's a preview from The Morning Call.

Also, a blog

And today (Tuesday), QB O'Malley and P Turk were officially announced by the college sports information dept.
"Needed: Reappraisal of Athletic Program"
That's the headline in the June 5, 1964 issue of The Lafayette. The column  begins:

"Tomorrow's baseball game at Fisher Field will mark the culmination of an obviously unsuccessful athletic year at Lafayette. In only one sport, tennis, did a Leopard team challenge for league supremacy, and in only three others did Lafayette representatives even achieve mediocrity."

It concludes by saying, " Clearly if the sports program at Lafayette is to achieve its objectives, and th ...
Lafayette MBB, enough already
Lafayette obviously has the MBB program that the college and many of its fans are willing to accept, so who am I to disagree?
We will always remember the great O'Hanlon teams of the late 1990s that got Lafayette back to the postseason. That was almost two decades ago.
Since then there has been a general decline to the D2 level and there hasn't been a good recruiting class in seven years.
I still look upon the complacency with disbelief. The routine blowouts in league play and the lack of a ...
Barlow transfers out
[quote="bethlehempard:60707"]Tyler Barlow 2016-17 at Blinn so far:
24 games, 20 games started, 4.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg
Blinn (Texas) Junior College is 16-10

At UTRGV, Michael Hoffman is scoring 8.1 ppg in 19.5 mpg.[/quote

Add Jacob Orender to the list of former Pards.
2017 men's bball recruiting
Pards offer '17 PG Justin Jaworski from Perk Valley
WLax vs Army
Pards have superior skill and technique. Army is much more athletic. Tied at the half so we'll see which advantage wins this one.
at Lehigh
Pards are not bad but Lehigh is just bigger and more athletic. Lehigh has a few set plays on offense that the Pards just can't oppose. They know it's coming, but . . .
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