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Here's a good one
2017 Football Recruiting
Coordinator, Assistant and Position Coaching Staff
Is this as good as it gets?
Cramsey, Loose, Wroblewski
AU 76 - LC 52
Basketball Recruits
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Pontificating on all things Maroon.
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Here's a good one
Lehigh Valley Live has reported that Easton HS head football coach Steve Shiffert is not returning and among the possible replacements are former Lehigh QB Phil Stambaugh and former LC offensive coordinator Mickey Fein. No mention of Frank.
Cramsey, Loose, Wroblewski
XLeopard wrote:
Faragalli - in
Loose - in
Trox - in
K Clark - in
Wrobo - in
Hach - in
Heff - out
Partridge - hahahaha
Anyone on staff - out

If you have questions ask, I know more than you think.

Is this as good as it gets?
Eight games each into the league schedule, both BB teams are in last place.
The men are 2-6 and tied with Army.
The women are 0-8 and no, are not tied with anybody. Not anybody in the league anyway.
The men haven't played Bucknell yet and the Bison appear to be the class of the league.
Both teams have shown some fight now and then but not much else.
We  have not been able to take advantage with Kempton on the bench with two fouls. 25-18 2 40 to go!!
It's a GAME 30-30 with 7:23 left in the third. Gumbs got hit underneath two shots 32-32 tie.
Good ball movement not so good shooting. TOs are hurting them.
Gumbs Cantwell O-S Hood Stipa on the court
LU 43-41 to start the fourth quarter
Bad shooting and some defensive lapses but still in it 47-43
Coordinator, Assistant and Position Coaching Staff
Link is posting stuff about local 7 on 7 stuff.  Perhaps doing that and some private coaching right now.  It appears that all of the departed assistants are still in limbo.
Basketball Recruits
Although a generalization I would like to point out re: midwesterners that they regard state  colleges as the way to go. Most midwesterners don't think like we in the east that you should go to the best college you can get into.So the offer of a Patriot League scholarship doesn't mean any more academically than an offer to go to Wichita  State.
2017 Football Recruiting
edge29 wrote:
Andy wrote:
WR visiting this weekend per his twitter:

Serious YAC ability!!!  Looks like his only other offer is Dayton which is much closer to home.

If these kids only knew what choosing Lafayette over a school like Dayton or FBS state school would mean for their future!!  I'm sure our coaches do a great job. But hearing it from alum and former players wo ...
AU 76 - LC 52
Ransom Stoddard wrote:
The alcohol thing from this 1998 article does not bother me, but she is repeating her MO of favoring her recruits, not giving holdovers from the previous coaching staff a chance, and demeaning the players to the press.  One parent said of the non-Grentz recruits "[t]hese girls were definitely abused psychologically and emotionally."  The tight and joyless play from the girls tells me that is going on too. ...
Survey was a link inside a longer email from the regional alumni chapter. Check your most recent alumni chapter email, which you should've gotten in the past few days.

You could miss the survey link because it is a brief section in a longer message about other Lafayette news and updates from your local chapter.

They should've sent you the survey especially if you're an occasional donor instead of an annual donor. In other words, anyone doing a "boycott" should be included in the ...
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